Monday, May 30, 2011

Our journey to and our first day in London!

In the shuttle on the way to the airport!

 The airplane with a cute 1950s (?) style drawing on it!

In the airport!

On the airplane! Which left 2 hours late, and yet...

...we arrived 10 minutes early?? Crazy. But this is us on the Heathrow Express!

When we FINALLY got to the hotel I was starving so we went to Garfunkel's and I got a burger and fries and it was DELICIOUS. I was also falling asleep while I ate, so we went back and napped for 40 minutes, but it felt like an entire night of sleep! It was incredible and so at 1:45 PM we set out to be the tourists that we are.

This is the street our hotel is on, it's literally half a block from Trafalgar Square!

Trafalgar Square!

More Trafalgar Square!

And more...

...and more...

...and more!

The Sherlock Holmes restaurant almost directly across the street from our hotel!

A cool building. 

Big Ben and Westminster Abbey to the right.

A really cool gate with a really cool heraldic emblem.


Big Ben!

More Big Ben!

And me with part of Big Ben!

Apparently I really like Big Ben.


More Parliament.

A cool house.

So pretty!!

Ahhh, I love these houses!

I knew the name of this for like five seconds, but forgot. It was really pretty!

Pretty plants blowing in the wind: OOOOH~

Some more of me!

Yep, that's me.

Nicole and I sitting on a bench along the River Thames!

Our shoes! Nicole's are adorable!

A cool lamppost.

I honestly do not know what building this is.

Or these? It all gets so confusing when I take pictures out of order.

Another cool historical building with really cool...

Relief carvings!!

I loved this clock!

Last but not least, a really cute house that was for people who raised ducks or something. It was so small and adorable, and I loved the plants!

We finished this big adventure around 4:30, and then lounged about, ate dinner at the Spaghetti House around 6:00, and now we have turned in for the night. Nicole is currently napping, but we plan to go to bed pretty early so that we will be nice and rested for tomorrow's exciting adventures!!

Until then, CHEERIO!


  1. The building next to Big Ben is Parliament. Westminster Abbey is a church - the white building with the reliefs and clock you like. If you're going to live in London, you should at least have this straight.

  2. Anonymous- Yeah, I figured that out right after I posted this...I thought I had edited it but I guess I forgot! Sorry about that! I'll fix it now. :)