Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day two: some shopping and the Jack the Ripper tour!

So we accidentally slept for over 12 hours (10 PM to 10:15 AM), and were really hungry. So we looked on my map and found a place called My Old Dutch Pancake House, and oh my goodness, it was amazing! 

It is such a cute place! We were seated next to a (not working) fireplace. It was really sweet.

It also had a really cool ceiling!

AND THEN OUR FOOD CAME. Please notice the size of the plate; it was maybe 15" in diameter! It was more like a crepe than a pancake, but it was DELICIOUS.

Nicole got the plain (sugar + lemon) pancake,and I got the apples + cinnamon + ice cream pancake! Delicious! We will definitely be going back!

Then it rained so we ran back to the hotel to grab umbrellas, only to find that once we got to the hotel it had stopped raining, and by the time we got back to Oxford Circus, it had stopped raining there, too. 

A really beautiful building on Oxford Street. 

And another!

I really love how this photo turned out. It looks so foreboding, doesn't it?

Oxford Circus!!

Looking down Oxford Street at the cute historic buildings.


More history!

And a bit more history!

And even more! 

And then I found the main campus of my school!! It's right next to Oxford Circus!

It looks so much like F.I.T.!

A beautiful old building next to Cavendish Square, where we went to sit and rest for a few minutes.

So beautiful!

And in the park! Please notice the two figures on the leftmost bench. They were literally on top of each other making out for a REALLY long time, haha.

Another awesome old building!

And that first building with the couple. What they're doing looks much more innocent in this picture than it really was.

Another beauty!

Looking down the road just off of Oxford Street. 

And then we saw The Cock.
It's a restaurant.

Once we realized that Oxford Street really only has five stores, each repeated three times, we went over to Picadilly Circus! Which was far less exciting for us.

Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum!

A cool statue!

Another really cool building!

With cool...statues?

Really pretty!

Me with a telephone booth!

Nicole with a telephone booth!

The shoes I bought today! Aren't they adorable?!

The socks and shorts I bought!

And the shirt I bought!!

And Nicole and I recuperating in the room for a few minutes before going out to dinner!

We decided on YO! Sushi, a conveyer belt Japanese place. It was pretty good, and really cheap!
Nicole got (legally!) got Sake!

And then we headed to the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour! And the Tower of London was right across from the tube station!


A really cool, really old building. 

I loved it, it looked so old (because it was)!

Really neat old clock tower!

After the tour we saw DIRTY DICKS.

Right next to ABBOTT'S CHAMBER. We found it hilarious.

Today was a very successful shopping day, we had great food at a pretty good price, and the tour was incredibly interesting. :) All in all, a very good day!!


  1. That "cool statue" is the famous cupid of Piccadilly Circus. And that "castle" is the Tower of London. Maybe you should learn some more about London before moving in. Don't want to look bad in front of the locals.

  2. Anonymous- Thank you for the info, I (again) knew about the Tower of London once I looked at my map (and subsequently felt very stupid for calling it a castle), but I didn't know about the statue. I really do appreciate the info you're giving me, though I will say that I am fully aware that I know very little about London. I'll definitely try to get my facts straight before I move in. ;)

  3. P.S. That "really neat old clock tower" is Christchurch of Spitalfields by the architect Nicholas Hawksmoore - one of my favorite churches. You should have went inside!

  4. Anonymous- Oh, really? I wish I had, I will have to go inside at some point when I go back!