Friday, June 3, 2011

Day five: Vivienne Westwood, the Wallace Collection, and my School!

So we began our day with plans to have breakfast in Soho. On our way, I saw these buildings and thought they looked pretty awesome.


A street, how neat.
This was across the street from the restaurant. Cool, eh?

And this is where we ate, The Breakfast Club! We were so hungry that we didn't take any pictures, but the food was really good.

Then we went to the Carnaby Street Walking Mall and found this ADORABLE shoe/accessory shop! The designs were extremely out there but ridiculously adorable.

AND apparently there was a contest and someone from London College of Fashion got their design made and sold there!

A cool wall.
And then we went to the Vivienne Westwood flagship store! It was really cute.

Aww yeah, Vivienne Westwood.

Then we made our way to the Wallace Collection, and on our way we saw this in front of a Lacoste store! I thought it was hilarious.

The wonderous Wallace Collection!

The entrance hall! OOOH, AHH~

A really beautiful ceiling/chandelier combo.

The rooms were set up so nicely.


A cool fireplace.

Some horse and human armor!

A gothic crown, apparently.



A doggy!

A spooooky bust!

Our faces behind vases!

The Emerald City?

Gorgeous metal work!

And what I came for--Madame du Pompadour by Francois Boucher!

And The Swing by Jean Honore Fragonard! They were both so gorgeous in person!

And the room they reside in! I thought that the Boucher painting was much bigger than it actually was, but it was just as gorgeous as I thought it would be!


So beautiful!!

A really cute set up they had with some very sweet portraits.

Then we headed out in search of Shepherd's Market and food.

 And while there were some beautiful buildings, there weren't any good places to eat in our price range, sadly.

So we ended up going back to the hotel room and going to Garfunkel's again. I got a strawberry milkshake and a burger with "chunky chips" (french fries). Yummm!

Then we went to search for the campus I will be at for the next three years. It's pretty far away from central London, and the area around it isn't very nice, but the actual building is really beautiful and old! And unfortunately we couldn't get in without an ID, but it was worth it to see where it was and what it looked like and all that.

And this is immediately next door, which I thought was really cool! Ahh, I love old architecture!

We've been wanting ice cream all week, so after our long journey to my school, we went back to Covent Garden to get what we heard was amazing ice cream/gelato from Scoop. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Nicole got strawberry and vanilla and I got green tea and raspberry (which I ate separately--they both just happened to be delicious so I got them both).

So we have actually completed our list of things we wanted to do for the most part! Tomorrow is our Harry Potter Walking Tour (super excited!), and we're going to do some more shopping of course, but otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with what we've done!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's ~*~MAGICAL~*~ update!

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