Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day four: King's Cross Station, Abbey Road, and Spitalfields Market!

So we began today with another trip to My Old Dutch Pancake House, but we got there a half hour before it opened so we sat down at a bus stop and saw this! An internet booth, apparently?!

This is for you, Sandra!

So once they opened, I decided to order mango juice, which was delicious.

And I got a peaches and ice cream pancake!! It was AMAZING!

This was taken near the Holborn Station. Such beautiful buildings!

After our wonderful breakfast, we went to King's Cross Station!

PLATFORM 9 3/4!! (ignore the fact that part of the 4 is gone...)
Also ignore the fact that the brick wall is fake. Due to construction, they had to move the partial cart outside of the station, haha! Everyone we went up to with the intention of asking where this was guessed what we were looking for before we even said anything. It was really funny.

Nicole is going to Hogwarts!

BENCH OF BAKER STREET! Maybe Basil of Baker Street sat here at some point?

And then we made our way to Abbey Road!! 

Cool graffiti outside of Abbey Road Studios.

This was pretty cool except we couldn't find ourselves! We were there today around 12:56PM, if anyone wants to check! Haha! 

Then we met two really nice American girls, one was from Brooklyn and the other was from NJ (born in Freehold, small world!). They asked us to take their picture, and we asked them to take ours, and it worked out very nicely since we needed them for another picture...

Haha! This was the best angle we could get without being in the middle of traffic, and it took quite a while for all the traffic to pass! So this is our version of that famous photo!

Abbey Road!

The tube station! I thought it looked really cool; I loved the clock.

Then we headed over to Covent Garden, which wasn't quite what I was hoping (I thought there would be more food shops and less clothing stores), but it was interesting and there were some nice buildings! And another couple ended up in one of my pictures, but they were really cute, haha.

Then we got bored of that so we headed to Spitalfields Market, which we had gone to on the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. However, we couldn't figure out how to get there, so we had to follow the path we took with the tour! We followed Jack the Ripper's murders!! SPOOKY! But anyway, this was a really cool part of a really creepy little tunnel.

A neat alley.

Then my shoes were bothering me so I was putting on a band-aid, and I guess Nicole thought this was a Kodak moment.

I was appalled.

In Spitalfields Market, we both found some really cute stuff and I got two dresses and a belt and Nicole got a dress (for a good price, too)! By the time we finished shopping, it was dinner time, so we went to Giraffe!

A pretty cool place.

Oh yeah, earlier in the day I FINALLY found a cute sweater! It was only £5! Anyway, I got Chicken Kiev (for the first time) and Nicole got baby back ribs! They were both delicious.

Then I got Nicole to take a picture of my outfit for the day! Sporting my new sweatshirt and tee!

Then we somehow missed the tube station we were looking for and ended up taking a double decker bus for the first time. It was so cool!

Our view.

Our first time on a double decker bus in London! Oh my!

So our fourth day in London was very successful! We aren't sure what we're doing tomorrow, but we have some time to figure it out. Until tomorrow!

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  1. Oh man Chicken Cottage XD! It looks like so much fun~ I'm jealous.